teen SCUBA 1

The Sky curriculum provides a challenging and rounded high school education, and extraordinary opportunities for achievement in theory and applications concerning Astronautics, Informatics, and Robotics (
AIR™). We call our thematic focus AIR™ and where applicable such focus determines elective courses, topics, and subtopics. Course definitions follow the guidelines and stipulations of the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Graduation requirements are stipulated in two modes:
Graduate and Honors Graduate. All students are encouraged to pursue the Honors Graduate curriculum. However, a minimum curriculum is provided that is in line with Texas Education Agency (TEA) definitions for a minimum academic curriculum, requiring 22 credits. The schedule of required courses for both graduation modes are informed by AIR™.

Honors Graduate Requirements

The nominal graduation mode for Sky students is Honors Graduate. Students are expected to achieve AP level performance in at least one mathematics or science course. However, student capabilities and interests may in some cases preclude achievement at the AP level. Courses for college credit are also encouraged but are optional. All students are required to complete 4.5 credits of electives defined in the
AIR™ curriculum. The total required credits are 26.


The courses, excluding electives, required to graduate with honors from Sky are:

Course (Credits)

English I, II, III, IV (4)

Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus, Calculus (4)

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, (Option) (4)

World History, World Geography, U.S. History (3)

U.S. Government (0.5)

Economics (0.5)

Foreign Language (2)

Physical Education (1.5)

Health (0.5)

Fine Arts (1)

Speech (0.5)

Total 21.5 credits

Note: Physical education requirements must be completed prior to the junior year (11 grade). Physical education and health requirements can be met through Sky AIR™ courses such as SCUBA, Aviation, and other such provided courses. SCUBA, Aviation, and related training, nevertheless, may be recommended components of electives defined in the
AIRTM curriculum.