AIR™ is the focus of Sky.

The thematic focus of Sky is AIR™, referring to the fields: Astronautics, Informatics, and Robotics. These fields define major areas of human endeavor that are prevalent in world-wide study and application, and that are also dynamic enough to be considered emergent in some sense. Further, these fields make profound interdisciplinary contributions, leading to compelling research projects and exciting development applications.
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The focus, AIR™, delineates the substantial laboratory component to study at Sky, where students are guided to develop practical knowledge and skills that contribute to technology applications and research. Also, AIR™ informs the secondary education curriculum, requiring students to develop a mastery of formal mathematics and science topics – such as Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics – that are core and prerequisite for science and engineering collegiate study and competitive university scholarships.

AIR Curriculum

Students may have elective concentrations that differ from other students. In some cases the concentration in robotics is higher, for other students the emphasis may be energy.
AIR™ also influences core areas such as science, physical education, and foreign language. A counselor meets with each student to specify AIR™ curriculum components.


Elective courses that can be specified include several courses in programming and software development, robot design, sensing, electronics, control systems, artificial intelligence, weather, orbital mechanics, space radiation, propulsion, materials, energy, electromagnetism, nuclear physics, organic chemistry, and geology.