We Call it: High School A la Carte
Sky High School is a full-time year-around college preparatory high school. However, we provide great courses and flexibility that can benefit homechools. As a home school parent, you have your own curriculum and customized goals. Choosing courses from the Sky curriculum can enhance the quality of your homeschool. Home schoolers are welcome to interface and learn at Sky. Parents may enroll their high school students into individual Sky instructional and laboratory topics, similarly to ordering a’ la carte from a restaurant menu. Homeschool students can benefit from Sky by visiting campus as often as required. Such is typically only once per week to attend a select Theory course like Calculus of Physics. However, laboratory courses, such as computer programming generally required two to three days per week and about 2 hours per visit.

Flexibility and Partnership
  • JLL can provide select combinations of facilities, instruction, and curriculum
  • We listen to you and respond progressively to your ideas
  • Not all ideas will work at Sky, but we are willing to listen and to make suggestions
  • Our goal is to help you provide the education that you desire for your children
  • Sky is superbly designed to foster students’ mathematics and science mastery.
  • Sky is a college-preparatory environment.  Student performances and knowledge development are informed by requirements for superior success in college study.  
  • Science courses nominally available include: Natural Science, Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physics.
  • Mathematics courses of nominal interest include: Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. (Note: Algebra I is available through JLL)
  • English Language Arts, Social Studies, and other courses nominal to high school are available and include: English I, II, III, and IV; U.S. History, World Geography, U.S. Government, and Economics
  • Moreover, Sky can provide expert instruction in software programming, and topics related to robotics and astronautics, e.g. electric circuit theory, linear control theory, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, orbital mechanics, and aviation.
Let’s Meet!
We start the process by a “get acquainted” meeting.
You can call or e-mail us to start the ball rolling.  After answering some of your questions by
phone and e-mail, the next step is to meet and further discuss your potential preferences and goals.