Students are selected based on “best fit” for the learning environment, considering student’s goals and capabilities. Students entering Sky may have deficiencies in their prior academic performance. However, students must have a desire for high academic and personal achievement. Enrollment procedures include diagnostic evaluations and an application. Evaluations consider prior academic and personal achievements. To apply for enrollment, or to gain additional information concerning enrollment procedures and requirements, contact Sky at 713-524-6284 or query by

Grade Levels

Sky High School includes the 9
th through 12th grades. New students may enroll into grades 9th-11th to begin their studies at Sky. New enrollments are not accepted directly into the 12th grade.

Maximum Enrollment

Sky accepts a maximum enrollment of about 40 students. There could be a few more or a few less than 40 student enrolled, depending on how we evaluate the student mix and capabilities to benefit the overall learning experience and outcomes.


The admissions process at Sky is relatively easy.  However, going through the admissions process does not guarantee admission.  Sky is a selective environment, designed to provide a superior opportunity for students to expand their capabilities and knowledge in mathematics, science, and technology.  However, a key word is “Opportunity”.  Poor grades are not a barrier to entry.  However, students that have had a poor performance history may be required to attend preparatory classes prior to an admission decision.  Parents should be aware the mathematics and science focus at Sky is intensive and that the prospective student’s interest and motivation are admission factors. Parents that do not have a strong interest in their children learning mathematics and science should not seek admission to Sky for their children.


Here is your path to admission to Sky High School: 

1. Attend a Sky Meet
Sky Meets are meetings where Sky High School policies, procedures, and expectations are explained.  All parents that want to consider Sky High School should schedule a Sky Meet as soon as possible.  Such meetings are free, take about 2 hours, and are normally provided on Sunday afternoons.
2. Make Your Child Aware that Admissions Are Competitive
Sky admissions are always competitive.  Even when there are slots available, a “good fit” is required.  If students do not show substantial interest in Sky or do not demonstrate a capability or tendency toward science theory and technology, then they may be evaluated as “not a good fit”.  
3. Complete Simple Application Process
The remaining process is:
  • Complete application
  • Provide current transcript.
  • Provide letter of recommendation from previous school.
  • Schedule, and bring your child in for, diagnostics.
Admission decisions are normally made within two weeks after completing the Application Process.
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