Standard Tuition

The tuition for Sky High School is: $849 per month or $8,000 per year for the two semester program and $10,000 per year for the year-around program.

Super Low Tuition Opportunity

If 30 students enroll in Sky High School by May 1, 2012 then the monthly tuition will be set at the super-“unreasonably” low price of:

This is an amazing opportunity, and families can maintain this tuition rate until the student graduates! We offered this enrollment opportunity at the beginning of our inaugural (2011-2012) year. However, we announced Sky High School within only two months of the Fall Semester school start date in 2011 and there was not much time for this deal to take hold. But the opportunity is back!

We are offering this opportunity because we want Sky High School to be both better
and less expensive that any other service in its category.

We will need your help distributing this opportunity to others. Please, pass this information to friends and colleagues; post it and share it every where that you have access. This deal is expected to take hold this time, because:
  • We are months ahead of the school start date.
  • Incoming parents have the great opportunity to talk with current families of Sky Students.
  • We will hold the opportunity until May 1, if at least 30 families submit a free Notice of Intention.

Informational Meetings (Sky Meets) are available on Sunday afternoon by RSVP. Other meeting times can be arranged. Incoming student diagnostic testing can be accomplished at either JLL locations.

Find out about Sky High School -- Then spread the word!


“Zero Fees” Philosophy

Physical Education Fee = $0.0**

Book Fee*** = $200 per year

Lab Fees = $0.0**

Tutoring Fee = $0.0

** Certain aerospace laboratories and physical education programs are made optional under the Special Group Tuition program. A one-time fee may be required to opt-in for certain aerospace and physical education programs.
*** Sky High School requires all students to have their own modern portable computer (e.g. laptop, notebook, ipad). No particular computer brand or operating system is required. However, computer must have USB interface.

“Incalculable Value” Philosophy

A goal of Sky High School is to provide educational service to your family at such an exceedingly high value level that is difficult to calculate. We have set a loft goal for ourselves that translates into incredible benefit to you. Our goal is to provide the best mathematics and science focused college preparatory education that you can find for your children. Consider the below characteristics of Sky High School and try to calculate the value of Sky -- then let us know what you come up with!

Characteristics of Sky

Guided by a highly experienced nuclear/aerospace engineer
College Preparatory
Free SAT Preparation Courses
Free Tutoring After School and Weekends
Formal School Dismissal at 3:30 pm; No weekends
Option to attend school extended hours and in the summer
Free Summer Enrichment Program
Software Development Laboratories
Robotics Laboratories
Heavy concentration in Mathematics and Sciences
Operational Experience - e.g. SCUBA, Skydiving, Zero-Gravity Training
Division of Jet Learning Laboratory
  • Highly skilled in accelerating learning in young people
  • Expertise in all mathematics, science, and engineering through undergraduate levels
  • Parent-Centered

Additional Information

Find out more about Sky High School. Attend an
informational meeting.

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