Astronautics, Informatics, and Robotics are the practical and thematic foci of Sky.
These three fields, which we collectively call AIR™, are highly emergent relative to their potential impact over the next 50 years. Through daily laboratory work, including software development, Sky students gain a foundation in such fields, aiding their maturation and specialization for later university study and in their professional careers.


Sky High School is literally a “new school”, in the sense that the academic processes at Sky will tend to lead education re-tooling around the nation. Our processes optimize learning, university matriculation, and costs for increased advantage for students and their families. Sky is a micro-school -- our maximum enrollment is roughly 40 students. Students in the 9th through 12th grades are taught and guided to increasingly higher scholarly achievement through innovative instruction and personalized training supporting advanced mathematics and science theory and applications.

Sky High School is a division of Jet Learning Laboratory (JLL). The Sky environment is disciplined and encouraging. The Sky approach to teaching is derived from nearly a decade of research and feedback from students and parents as they gained academic advantages through the instructional processes of Jet Learning Laboratory.

Sky’s founder and visionary is a Nuclear Engineer, with over 25 years of experience with highly advanced government technical research, commercial propulsion engineering, and university teaching. JLL and Sky techniques and processes are informed by techniques and processes used at NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Rocketdyne, Texas A&M University Nuclear Engineering, and others.

Sky does not require longer than average school days, and weekends belong to you. Sky offers year around school, but students that attend year around should expect to graduate at least a year early. To support student achievement, non-mandatory tutoring is available at no cost after school and on weekends-- provided by the famed Jet Learning Laboratory. Nevertheless, voluntary practical science and engineering laboratories are an exciting part of the Sky experience that students may naturally want to extend into afterschool hours and weekends. In such case, support remains available beyond the school day to provide students with the capabilities to create novel science and engineering through research and development processes.

Sky is a “new school”. We are a mathematics and technology micro-school. We may even be an “Un-School”. For more information on how to begin studies at Sky --
look us up.