Principal - Vitae
Rube B. Williams, Jr., Ph.D.,

Rube B. Williams, Jr., Ph.D., the founder/President of Jet Learning Laboratory, holds a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from Texas A&M University. He has over 25 years experience in the nuclear and aerospace industries, including commercial, academia, and government work. With Los Alamos National Laboratory (2000-2004), he performed theoretical nuclear criticality, thermal, and thermohydraulic design analyses for various fission reactor cores, support systems, and nuclear system integrations. In addition, he performed radiation monitor system testing and site vulnerability surveys for the installation of radiation monitoring systems to mitigate the proliferation of special nuclear materials in Russia and other international locations.

Dr. Williams has served as a Visiting Assistant Nuclear Engineering Professor (1997-2000) with Texas A&M University, where he taught the graduate and undergraduate Nuclear Power Plant Design courses. He has also served as an engineer with the Detroit Edison Company Fermi 2 BWR nuclear power plant and the TU Electric Comanche Peak PWR nuclear power plant. His research interests include advanced nuclear reactor design, microgravity thermal-physics, and adaptive filtering methodology. He has spent more than 27 hours, cumulative, in zero gravity conditions while conducting experiments aboard NASA KC-135 aircraft. He is also an instrument rated general aviation aircraft pilot. Dr. Williams is married to his college sweetheart (KHOU-TV anchor
Sherry Williams), and has raised one daughter.

Former positions held by Dr. Williams include:
Technical Staff Member, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Nuclear Reactor Design
Visiting Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University, Nuclear Engineering
Visiting Professor, Institute for Space and Astronautical Science, Japan

Visiting Researcher, NASA JSC, Crew and Thermal Systems Member Technical Staff, (formerly, Rockwell International) Rocketdyne Nuclear Engineer, TU Electric, Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station Nuclear Engineer, Detroit Edison, Fermi 2, Nuclear Power Station